To: explore an emotion that is visible. A physical action that emanates from sensation. 

Every day consists of numerous encounters – and occasionally one of those encounters stirs something inside of you. 

‘Your body – My landscape’ is a choreographic collaboration between Gyula Berger (Hungary) and Roos van Berkel (The Netherlands).


This duet challenges current day communication. It shows the value of physically standing still with what’s in front of you and allowing yourself to be touched on a sincere sensitive level. No rushing but actually seeing’. – choreographer Kristián Gergye during Hungarian Dance Festival @ Dock11 Berlin.

‘The performers discover each other’s bodies and their own bodies. The profoundness of the touches is felt in the auditorium.  There is no doubt that these feelings are real – I almost feel my own fingers tingling as their fingers play with each other.’  – review Thealter festival http://www.thealter.hu/magyar/2014/blog/577

The harmonic duet suddenly gets filled with a new dynamic that contains an everyday-like tension and confrontation – they alternatively tame one another and set each other loose.’  – review Vasárnapi Hírek 

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